Fantasy and reality merge into one at the new futuristic winter light festival OrbitFest

Every year in the city of Groningen, makers and hackers from the Northern Netherlands are called upon to take part in Orbitfest during the winter solstice.
The coming third edition of the festival (16-18 December 2016) the theme will be Sentient Statues: the statues in Heliopolis, the future city of Groningen, will reveal themselves. In de Synagoge Groningen in de Folkingestraat and the Groninger Museum feature a programme of light installations and light workshops. Moreover there’s the premiere of ‘Iki’s Quest’, a new smartphone puzzle game linked to different locations in the innercity of Groningen.


Iki lives in Heliopolis, the future city of Groningen. Just like his fellow citizens, this young, ambitious adventurer is fascinated by the ancient Sun and brand new spaceships. Read the festival story >> Enter the future city of Groningen during OrbitFest and discover its mysteries!

From admiring light to making light yourself

At the winter light expo between 15:00-22:00, Northern makers and hackers exhibit their luminous and futuristic light installations at locations in the city centre which can be reached on foot, by boat or by bicycle. Do you like to roll up your sleeves and get down to work? You can, at the light workshops.

Stichting ColorC

OrbitFest is an initiative of the Groningen-based foundation ColorC whose productions aim at bringing together art and society by means of an original story of its own and four future-oriented core principles.

OrbitFest: Channels to the Stars 2015

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