Every year a new festival theme taken from the festival story is presented during OrbitFest.
“Into Orbit” was the theme of the introductory edition in 2014, during which the festival was launched and brought into orbit around Gaia.
The theme of the 2015 edition of the festival was “Channels to the Stars” whereby light paths were created through the city of Heliopolis, through Iki’s Lab and through the cosmos.

OrbitFest 2016: Sentient Statues

Sentient Statues (‘Statues with an awareness’) is the theme for the 2016 edition of OrbitFest with which we would like to challenge makers and hackers from Groningen and surrounding areas to use their fantasy to imagine what statues in Heliopolis would look like.

The theme was chosen with the aim of increasing awareness of light sculptures: statues unite art and society in a special way as they can stand for inspiring people and/or abstract concepts. By using a diversity of materials and processes and applying sources of light, projections, reflections and/or shadows, these statues acquire an extra dimension, namely that of a form of ‘sentience’.

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