During OrbitFest a number of live events take place: throughout the year we look for Northern-Dutch makers and hackers who would like to present their futuristic work during the festival and would like this work to form a hybrid with other makers’ work.
This includes ambient or techno music, VJ-images/live drawing, modern dance, techno poetry or prose, future foods and body art which correspond well with the festival story, our principles and the annual festival theme.

Makers and hackers participate in the live events performing as:

  • musicians (elektronic ambient, soundscapes, (progressive) techno);
  • visual artists (VJ-ing/live drawing/decorbouw);
  • dancers (modern dance);
  • speakers (futuristic research / techno poetry, prose);
  • cooks (future foods/aroma-jockey);
  • body artists (body art).

If you would you like to participate, fill in the online form below. For questions please do not hesitate to contact the festival organisation ColorC.
Hope to hear from you soon or see you at OrbitFest!




Phone number:

Website (not obligatory):

(Working) title:

Short description (and available video material) of the work (photos may be added at the bottom of the form):

How much time is required for installing the work and taking it down again?

What is the minimum duration of the performance?

Do you need volunteers for assistance? If so, how many and which tasks would they need to carry out?

What is the minimum amount of space needed for the work?

Which basic facilities does the work require? (e.g. how much power in Watt, etc.)

To what extent and to what degree is the proposed work sensorial, innovative, sustainable and empowering?

To what extent and to what degree is the work connected to the festival theme?

To what extent and to what degree is the work consistent with with the world and characters in OrbitFest’s festival story?

To what extent to what degree is the proposed work feasible in terms of production? Give an estimate of the costs and time investment to be made.

CV('s) (PDF file, max. 1 MB per file):

Media attachments (photos, max. 1 MB per file):